Termite Control & Inspections in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula

Termite damage is NOT covered by any home insurance policy & Termites can cause more damage to Australian homes than fire & weather damage combined.

There are ways to catch Termites early or even stop them attacking your home in the first place.

Annual Termite inspections are the first thing homeowners should do to keep Termites at bay.

When dealing with Termites, prevention is much better than the cure and a 6 monthly or yearly termite inspection on your home is recommended, which will help to pick up any problems before it is too late and termites have moved in.

At Critter Control our technicians are trained to not only look for signs of Termites/ Termite damage but we also look for things that may attract them to your home in the first place.

We give great advice on how to prevent and deter Termites from your home.

We use the latest methods and technology to detect any evidence of termite activity.

Critter Control technicians use a TERMATRAC movement detection device on all inspections as well as moisture meters. These are specialized machines built to find Termites.

If you find Termites are attacking your home it is imperative that you do not disturb them and definitely do not spray them with anything as this only makes treating the problem much worse in the future as they will retreat from that area and pop up in another area of the house.

They WILL come back causing more damage.

Call Critter Control as soon as possible to inspect your home and find all the affected areas.

We use the latest methods, products and technology to find and then protect your home from these expensive and destructive pests.

So if you are buying a new house, you have found Termites in your house or you just want peace of mind, you can trust the Termite experts at Critter Control Pest Management.