Possum Pest Control & Inspections in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula

Possums are a protected species in Victoria so if one or more invade your roof space you need to have a professional and animal friendly pest control technician help to remove them.

At Critter Control Pest Management we pride ourselves on being humane to problem pest animals. So when we remove them from your home we try to minimize the stress on the animal.

To remove possums from roof voids we can set up traps to catch them in or we can set up 1 way doors so that the possum can get out but cannot get back in and must find another place to call home. 1 way doors are great for when you have a family of possums in your roof as they can all leave via the 1 way door but none can get back in.

With possums its best to remove the problem possum or possums using a trap or installing a 1 way door, then block the entry point they were using to get into your roof and then relocate them. By law this can only be within 50m of where the possum was found. So if their entry point is not blocked they WILL just come straight back. So finding and blocking the entry point or points is the most important part of a possum job.

So if a possum or a family of possums are causing you problems and you want to be sure of a humane pest solution, you can’t go past Critter Control Pest Management.