WINTER SPECIAL- A Full Termite Inspection (using the Termatrac movement detection device) and a Rodent treatment (Rats and Mice) for only

$279.00 for both services!

That’s a Total SAVING of $131.00!

Book now as bookings are filling up very fast.

Winter is here and with the freezing cold and wet weather we have had, rodents need warm places to nest and live.

Your roof or walls are the perfect place for rodents to nest in as they are warm and cosy, especially with the heaters and heated ducting being used a lot more during the colder weather.

This is the perfect time of year to have a rodent treatment done because when they come into your roof or walls, after you have had your house treated for rodents, they will not be able to make your home their home.

This treatment may save you from the damage to electrical wiring & plumbing pipes rodents can do, or just stop the annoyance of the scratching and shuffling in the walls or roof rodents can cause.

Termites also are still very  busy with the cooler weather and more and more cases of termite attack on houses are popping up throughout Victoria.

So included in this special is a full termite inspection to make sure your home is not under attack from these house eating pests.

By doing this service you will not only save money but it will also save you from Rodents (Rats and Mice) or Termites taking over your home. It may also save you from a nasty, expensive surprise (termites attacking your home or rodent damage).

The rodent treatment also comes with a warranty.

All home owners should take advantage of this amazing deal.

Call-1300 491 170 now or, call direct to our local pest controller Lee on 0433 281 978.

You could also email info@crittercontrol.com.au if you have any questions about this amazing and popular special.

*conditions apply- up too a 25sqm house or a 4 bedroom house, 1 garden shed & garage will be inspected and treated.