Ant Control & Inspections in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula

On arrival, the Critter Control Pest Management technician will ask where the problem has been occurring and will complete an inspection of the area you have been having problems with these pests and will inspect your yards to determine entry points they are using, what the type of pest is and if the nest can be located. Finding the problem nest is best as this will stop them coming back for good. We can also prevent them from coming to your house in the first place. Prevention is better than a cure.

Ant inspections and management for the Mornington Peninsula

They can be very persistent and treatment of the offending nest always works best. If the nest is not destroyed they can and usually do keep coming back.

Ants can be a real nuisance by getting into your cupboards, running around in the kitchen and bathrooms and trailing up walls. They can bite and sting you or your children. They can just be a real pain…literally!

There are a number of methods to combatant problems and usually, all methods are used if the nest cannot be located. The best methods are non-repellent sprays that can be taken back to destroy the nest by the ants themselves, repellent sprays, baits, dust and general hygiene.

Critter Control Pest Management technicians will use the best method for your problem which may be to use all the above methods. We will treat roof voids, subfloor areas, inside areas, outside areas, basically all areas to help rid your home of these invasions.

We will use the safest/ latest methods and procedures to keep you, your family and any of your pets safe.

You don’t have to put up with pests any more in your home or yards. Reclaim your Frankston house and yard now….Call Critter Control Pest Management now for a free quote on ant control now.

Like we always say- “prevention is better than the cure”. We can protect your house so the problem won’t come in the first place.