Rodent Pest Control & Inspections in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula – Get rid of Mice & Rats

Rodents can cause serious damage to your home or place of work,  they can cause health risks and can be VERY annoying if they are scratching/gnawing and running around playing in your roof or walls at night.

On arrival the Critter Control Pest Management technician will ask where the problem has been occurring and do a thorough inspection throughout the area to see if it is actually rodents causing the problem. Sometimes its a possum causing all that noise in the roof & not rats or mice.

The Critter Control Pest Management technician will try to find the entry point or points being used by rodents or look for any damage caused by the rodents as they love to gnaw on plastic pipes, plastic wires, wood etc. Blocking entry points can stop them getting into your home in the first place. 

Rodent treatment procedures will be determined after the inspection is complete as there is a number of ways to treat for rodents. Rodent baits or tracking dusts can be used, rodent traps or just exclusion (blocking of their entry points) are some of the methods that we can use.

We will treat all the affected areas like roof voids, subfloor areas, inside areas (kitchen cupboards, under sinks, pantries) and outside areas (sheds, garages, under deckings). We only use the safest chemicals and procedures protecting you, your family, the family pet(s) and the environment.

Call Critter Control for friendly expert advice and for quality service regarding your rodent problem. Call now before it is too late and rodents have moved in. It is almost impossible to stop rodents getting into our houses or businesses but regular pest control treatments can stop them making a nest in your home, making your home theirs…
And as we say at Critter Control Pest Management “Prevention is always better than the cure”.