Bed Bugs Control & Inspections in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula

On arrival the Critter Control Pest Management technician will ask where the problem has been occurring (which are bedrooms normally) and we will do a thorough inspection of the area.

Bed Bug treatments need to be very thorough as bed bugs will be hiding in any small nook and cranny (including the mattress creases and the bed frame) near their food source which is usually in the bedroom/ bedrooms.

Bed Bugs can cause major problems to people’s health and well being by disturbing sleep and by the itchy bites they cause as a result of feeding. Like fleas or mozzies do.

There are a number of ways to treat for bed bugs and a combination of chemical methods and hygiene improvements are the best and most effective ways to combat this nasty pest.

For expect advice and professional service for Bed Bug problems call Critter Control Pest Management now to reclaim the night so you can get back to having a great night sleep, bed bug free.

Call now for a free quote to treat your bed bug problem, or if you are not sure if its bed bugs we can do an inspection to determine if it is bed bugs causing your problem.