Melbourne's Leading Experienced
Pest Control Specialists


Melbourne's Leading Experienced
Pest Control Specialists


Termite Control & Inspections in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

1 in every 3 houses in Australia will, at some stage, be attacked or has already been attacked by Termites. Did you know you can not insure your house from Termite damage or attack. It does not matter if your house is on a concrete slab or on concrete stumps, these little house destroyers can fit through a tiny gap and can start attacking the

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Spider Control & Inspections in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Hairy, creepy, crawly, nasty spiders. Nobody likes spiders in or around their homes. Finding a red-back spider or a white tail spider in your house or shed can give anyone quite a fright let alone if you find a massive huntsman crawling on your wall while you and your family are relaxing watching T.V! Critter Control Pest Management spider treatments

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Ant Control & Inspections in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Ants can become a major pest if left untreated. They can bite and sting you, your children or your pets. They can get into food in your cupboards and pantries. They can make long trails along floors, walls, pathways outside and up your outside walls. They can also cost us valuable time and money trying to fix the problem yourself and then we have

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Bed Bugs Control & Inspections in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

The saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is actually a true statement and not just something we say to our children at night before bed. Bed bugs have become a major pest the last 10-15 years and can cause people major distress by biting them while they sleep leaving itchy bites similar to fleas and mozzies. They are small, very thin insects which can

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Rodent Pest Control & Inspections in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Rats and Mice enjoy the comfort of your nice warm home. They will eat and ruin the food in your cupboards and make a horrible mess while doing this. They drive you mad at night scratching, gnawing and running through our roof space and walls at night. Not only this but they can cause serious damage to electrical wiring, plastic pipes

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Possum Pest Control & Inspections in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Does it sound like there is a party in your roof and you have not been invited? It could be a possum or a family of possums running around in your roof. Possums are protected by law and must be treated humanely. So it’s a must to get a professional to remove these night time party animals out of your roof and block the entry point or points so they

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Commercial & Residential Pest Control, Inspections & Removal Services in Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Be it your home or office, your space should be an area you can enjoy in comfort, without the invasion of unwanted guests. Spanning across Frankston, Cranbourne & Mornington Peninsula & surrounding suburbs, our pest management experts have become the go-to specialists for eradicating nuisance insect & rodent species effectively.

Opt for quality pest inspections and
removal services when they matter most

From the beginning, we’ll assess your situation and the severity of the circumstances, navigating you through the process required. Ensuring you understand each aspect of the work required to be carried out, we’ll initiate any necessary pest inspections or techniques to restore your space back to the way it should be.

But beyond this, our experts work hard to deliver a service that goes beyond eliminating the issue on a surface level. We get down to the depths to understand what’s causing the invasion and implement strategies to ensure your Frankston, Cranbourne or Mornington Peninsula property isn’t affected again any time soon.

Why is taking action so important?

While they can create an unsightly mess, the invasion of species like termites, rodents and other bugs/insects can also have serious health implications. Beyond this, they’re usually the culprits for internal, structural damage to buildings and can wreak havoc across the board.

When left untreated, the problem only continues to expand, putting your home or office in direct danger both physically and structurally. In order to ensure you’re avoiding this drama, we recommend having our professional team come out to assess your property from top to bottom.

What problems do we treat?

Having worked for over 15 years across commercial and residential pest control, our specialists are well-versed in eliminating:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Rodents – Rats and mice
  • Bed bugs & Fleas
  • Possums
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Termites

If you’re currently experiencing a critter-related problem, get in touch with our pest removal and management experts now on 1300 491 170. We’re always more than happy to provide no-obligation advice and answer any questions you may have.

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