Commercial and Factories Pest Inspection Services

Whether it’s for residential or commercial contexts, conducting pre-purchase pest inspection are crucial to ensuring the long-term financial viability of your investment.

Buying any kind of building or house is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you make for yourself (or business). When it comes to checking over the fine print, one of the most crucial aspects is giving the property a thorough look-over to ensure there’s no risks hiding where you can’t see them.

Conducted before you put pen to paper, these assessments report back to you on everything you need to know in terms of condition and pest-related issues. We highly recommend these for commercial buildings, factories and residential properties.

Pre-construction pest inspection

For new homes, having a pre-construction inspection carried out, in order to implement an effective strategy for the long-term, protects your asset from start to finish. By understanding what circumstances you could face in the future, you can have a professional safely action a protection system from the outset to ensure no harm comes to your property later down the track. We are also licensed to install Homeguard, Termseal and Greenzone.

In Australia, this is a huge part of buying a new home, and buyers often look at whether this criteria has been ticked off.

Pre-purchase inspections to seal the deal the right way

If you’re looking at a commercial building or factory as an investment, having an expert conduct pre-purchase inspections is also highly recommended.

Throughout this time, your dedicated professional will assess all areas of your potential property noting down any damage, infestations or instability in the structural integrity of it all. You’ll be given a thorough report on the findings, allowing you to make an informed decision from the get-go.

The Benefits

  • If termites have ever been present on the property, you run the risk of huge structural damage both in the short and long term. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars to resolve.
  • An assessment will go through all areas of the structure – from the interior to exterior, under the flooring and inside the roofing.
  • If there’s any degradation relating to pest-related issues, we’ll also report back on these.
  • You’ll know from the very beginning whether your property is safeguarded and if it’s worth making the investment.

To access affordable and reliable services in this area, get in touch with the Critter Control team now on 1300 491 170. We’re always more than happy to guide you through the process of what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.