Greenzone Pre-Construction Termite & Insect Barrier

GREENZONE is a pre-construction insect and a termite barrier.

It is new technology which integrates a compressible foam substrate with Bifenthrin; creating a combined termite and insect repellent as well as a compressible foam layer.

It is used as a termite barrier, an insect barrier and an expansion joint foam.

GREENZONE is used in pre-construction for termite and insect barriers around penetrations (pipes ect) in concrete slabs and around slab edges/ expansion joints for new homes or buildings.

It is a 100% Australian owned product and locally tested.

It comes with a 50 year, 2 million dollar warranty (terms and conditions apply)

Call or email Critter Control Pest Management now to get a quote to use GREENZONE on new homes, new extensions, pathways or on commercial buildings.

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